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The Legacy of Halesham Hall by Jenni Keer is a gothic-style story, reminiscent of Daphne du Maurier novels. The dark brooding man and the eager young girl.

Phoebe Bellingham just lost her parents in a boating accident and wanting to connect with her family, takes her to Halesham Hall. She has revenge in her heart for the wrongs that were put on her father. She is determined to solve the house puzzles and claim the Bellingham inheritance.The story is a dual timeline, set in the Victorian era and just after WWI. Phoebe is a young woman who has been raised with love and is a happy young lady, that is until she meets the master of Halesham Hall. She gets herself ingrained into the household, against the wishes of the master. She starts working in the kitchen and other ways to help out all the while trying to solve the puzzles.Sydney was young when his mother left the house, and Leonard was a young man still in school. The father was a master manipulated and a tyrant. He owned a company that made puzzles and his wish was for one of his sons to take over the company but in order to do that they had to solve the houses puzzles which were many. The house was built with a series of clues. The son that could solve the puzzles gets the company. The rest of the inheritance goes to the one who solves all the puzzles.Phoebe becomes close to the master of the house. She has come to the house but did not tell the master all of her secrets, she has the Bellingham name but not from blood. Her father married her mother when she was pregnant with Phoebe.I loved Phoebe, she was a young woman not of her time, strong, independent, and loving. She finds he feelings change for the young master. As time goes on, she gets ever closer to solving the puzzle and claiming her inheritance.Can she get past her feelings for the master? Will she solve the puzzle?I usually don’t read this kind of novel but I really did enjoy this one. I loved the characters, the storyline was really not unique because of the gothic style but all in all a great story.