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I am a fan of Vera and Shetland yet I have not read any of Ann Cleeves’ novels, until now. The Heron’s Cry is the followup to The Long Call, the Two Rivers series, with Detective Matthew Venn who is tasked with solving the death of Dr. Nigel Yeo. The murder was elaborately staged with the murder weapon being a shard of glass. The glass was from a vase that his daughter, Eve, who is a glassblower had made.Detective Venn’s co-workers DS Jen Rafferty and DC Ross May are pivotal to the solving of the case. Just when you think that you know who did it, another body turns up. The man, Wesley Curnow, also lives at the place where Dr.Yeo’s daughter lives and works. He was also stabbed with a glass shard from a work of Eve’s.Dr.Yeo was a director at North Devon Patients Together organization, he was investigating the suicide death of a young man. Could he have gotten too far in his investigation and known why the young man, Alexander ‘Mack’ Mackenzie supposedly killed himself? As the clues lead the detectives in one direction, more clues come up that send them off in another direction.Lots of characters and suspects in this story, Eve Yeo, and Jen who spent some time the night before Dr.Yeo was murdered. He had wanted to talk in-depth with Jen but didn’t really say what he wanted to talk about. Ross who has some issues of his own at home and Detective Venn, his husband, artsy Jonathan. Then there is Frank Ley, who owns the complex for the artists, a rich philanthropist. On the land is also a farm that John and Sarah and their children live on and run.There is a Suicide Club that encourages troubled people to commit suicide. Venn and his team must also investigate how this club has to do with his suicide of Mack. How does all this become involved with the murders of Dr.Yeo and Wes?This second in the series is well written, not a fast read but well worth it. Like I said a lot of characters to keep track of and their motives. North Devon is a small community where everyone knows everyone else but they keep to themselves. So it is a difficult thing to try to solve a series of murders, which Detective Venn and his team have to do and do it fast before there are more deaths.I do intend to read more by Ann Cleeves, I love how the British tell a murder story! I highly recommend reading this series and anything else you can get your hands on by this author.I give it 5 stars.I received a copy for review purposes only.